When you visit the NBI Clearance Outlets, you should show both your Valid IDs and an adequate identification proof document (Valid IDs).

There are some Valid IDs in the Philippines accessible that are acknowledged in various exchanges in approving an individual’s identity, for instance, their owner’s name, address, age and many of the time his/her appearance.

The Valid ID you displayed including any required signature, must be original, not photocopied or duplicated and will stop terminated so try to check, what’s more, it.

NBI Clearance Requirements

This is among the normal errors by many individuals anyway with this useful guide since you realize their email rundown of acknowledged ID’s to use in NBI Clearance Online Application you simply requirement for that most effortless one to get.

NBI Clearance Valid ID’s List

Check out the below mention list of NBI Clearance Accepted ID. You must have two valid ID for the NBI Clearance.

  • Valid Philippine Passport
  • Voter’s ID
  • Driver’s License
  • PRC License
  • SSS ID
  • Postal ID
  • School ID
  • TIN ID
  • Philhealth ID
  • Alien Certificate of Registration
  • Senior Citizen
  • Previous Copy of NBI Clearance

If you have some issues to present your ID or if your ID validity will over then is up to you. You can be denied going NBI Clearance Center.

The Valid ID you present must be:

  • Be issued by a governmental organization or even the school that you simply currently focus on.
  • Be an innovative document – photocopied documents usually are not acceptable.
  • Be valid and current – expired documents (bearing expiration dates who have passed) are not acceptable, no matter how recent the expiration could possibly be.
  • Bear the applicant’s name.
  • Bear a recently available recognizable photograph that clearly matches the test-taker.
  • Be in good condition, with clearly legible text plus a clearly visible photograph.


Here in this article, you find complete information about Valid ID’s Accepted for NBI Clearance Online. Check out the complete list of Valid ID for NBI Clearance Requirements. You must have any of this Valid ID to complete the NBI Clearance.

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