Today here we will discuss NBI Clearance Renewal process. This Online function is recently added to the website which is you seen as NBI Clearance Quick Renewal. Just apply it online and wait for it delivered to your address.

Now, you don’t need to personally appear, wait in a queue, no more photo capture and biometric. Go through this article and easily complete the NBI Clearance Renewal Online process.

This NBI Clearance Renewal process is not available for all. Read this post and get all the information about the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal Online Application Form.

NBI Clearance Renewal

NBI Clearance Quick Renewal | Complete Process

The applicants who have their unique NBI Clearance issued between 2014 to present AND to those NBI Clearance ID Numbers can only complete this NBI Clearance Quick Renewal Online.

Before you go through the process you must have NBI ID No. which is vital to NBI Clearance Quick Renewal. You can’t proceed for NBI Clearance Renewal without NBI ID No.

Check out the below mention sample of NBI Clearance which shows the NBI ID No. for NBI Clearance Quick Renewal.

nbi clearance renewal

Step 1

First, visit the NBI Clearance official website by click here

Step 2

Now, click on the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal button.

NBI Clearance Renewal

Step 3

After that, a small pop-up window will appear on your screen. There you have to enter NBI ID Number in the box given.

NBI Clearance Renewal

After entering the NBI ID Number press the “Verify” button.

Step 3

Now, you have to enter your personal information, here you can see the photo taken once you previously applied for NBI Clearance.

Fill the information as shown in the below image. Just ignore the amount shown, as it is not same as shown here.

NBI Clearance Renewal

Now press the “Next” button.

Step 4

Now, enter your Birth Date and select the payment option with which you are comfortable and complete the process successfully.

NBI Clearance Renewal

If you encountered an oversight saying “The system cannot get the given NBI ID Number“, then you can’t proceed for the renewal process through this online method.

You have to apply for NBI Clearance as a New Applicant instead of Renewal. You need the follow the process of How to Apply NBI Clearance.


Here I have mentioned the complete and proper guide about NBI Clearance Renewal process. Follow the whole online procedure as mention and complete the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal.

For any query or question leave us a comment in below mention comment box. And visit our website for more important updates.