How to Pay NBI Clearance Via 7-Eleven? Many of you confused about NBI Clearance Payment via 7-Eleven, that is the reason I created this post on How to Pay NBI Clearance by means of 7-Eleven.

For what reason did we pay NBI Clearance through 7-Eleven as opposed to the payment method?

Beside 7-Eleven, Local banks and Bayad focus is approved likewise to gather the installments of the NBI Clearance. Yet, not all neighborhood citizens had the financial balance, and 7-Eleven increasingly advantageous, open, and more 7-Eleven branches than Bayad focus.

NBI Clearance Payment

In the event that you have not applied for NBI Clearance Online Application, it’s smarter to see first our well-ordered article on How to Apply NBI Clearance Online Application before you begin applying.

This article includes complete step by step process for How to Pay NBI Clearance Via 7-Eleven. Follow the procedure as mentioned to successfully complete the NBI Clearance Payment.

Step by Step Process to Pay NBI Clearance Via 7-Eleven

Step 1

Find the nearby 7-Eleven store which using CLIQQ KIOSK. Some of 7-Eleven branches have their CLIQQ KIOSK offline. So ask the cashier if CLIQQ KIOSK is offline or Online.

Step 2

CLIQQ KIOSK is a touch screen machine, so it is easy to operate. Now, find the BILLS PAYMENT option on the screen.

NBI Clearance Payment

After you click on Bills Payment you will see many options under it. Find the logo of NBI and click on it.

Step 3

Now, you will redirect to the BILLS PAYMENT page, here you have to enter the below mention information to proceed.

  • NBI Clearance Reference Number
  • Contact Number
  • Exact Amount

NBI Clearance Payment

After you entered the information press the NEXT button.

Check the information you have entered is correct. The 7-Eleven Store will not refund your money back.

Step 4

Now, you will see the information you have entered. Make sure that the information you have entered is correct. If you find any mistake then press the BACK button and correct the information.

NBI Clearance Payment

Now, press the NEXT button to print the slip.

Step 5

Finally, take the slip to the cashier and pay for it.

Keep your payment receipt with you, as you have to show it to get your NBI Clearance.


This article will provide complete information about How to Pay NBI Clearance Via 7-Eleven. Follow the steps as mentioned and complete the NBI Clearance Payment successfully.

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