NBI Clearance HIT Status

It may be a possibility that either you or your namesake (an individual who have the same name as you) is linked to the information which has a criminal record.

NBI Clearance HIT Status

How does the NBI Clearance Hit Work?

Each time somebody applies for an NBI Clearance, an NBI workforce goes through their criminal database to assess for all intents and purposes any criminal record, additionally called “derogatory records” – related with the candidate’s name.

An “NBI Clearance Hit” happens when the pursuit restores a suspicious outcome. Now, one can get a “hit” notwithstanding if the criminal case is related with you or a namesake. The confirmation procedure is going to happen not far off.

The cases like cancellations, ejectments, and assets cases aren’t secured by the NBI Clearance and in this way not contained in the database.

NBI Criminal Database Extracted From:

  • Courts (MTC, MTCC, MCTC, and RTC).
  • Prosecution Service (City and Provincial Prosecution Offices).
  • Ombudsman and Sandiganbayan.
  • Police and AFP records.
  • Others.

Obviously, it’s incomprehensible for any outlaw with pending criminal cases to get away from the careful gazes of the NBI.

Truth be told, the “NBI Clearance Hit” status keeps on being instrumental in helping the NBI get culprits who may have for a very long time been stowing away.

Of course, don’t expect all applications with “hit” status end up in prison.

To check whether the criminal case is under you or your namesake’s, NBI defers the issuance with the clearance.

Time Taken for NBI Clearance after getting HIT

Candidates with an “NBI Clearance Hit Status” get a 5 to 10 day holding up period when NBI specialists carefully check whether the “derogatory records” are a piece of you or a namesake.

When demonstrated the “NBI Clearance Hit” is the result of the namesake who carried out or associated with a crime, a criminal record can simply come back to NBI office when the holding up period and guarantee the clearance with no extra charge.

On the off chance that the “derogatory records” have been demonstrated to really take an interest in you, the NBI will request one to go to an “NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview.”

The reason for the interview is consistently to allow the NBI Agents to encounter a closer assessment of your particular personality. Except if you’re an outlaw, you don’t need to be concerned particularly for the individuals who have been cleared of one’s past criminal case/s.

Documents required to attend the Interview

  • You must have 2 valid IDs that prove your identity.
  • Original and photocopy with the Court Decision/Certification from your Court showing the criminal case has already been resolved.
  • NBI Clearance Official Receipt and print-out of NBI Clearance online application form.


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